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The mission behind our company is to make sure that American families can get the protection they deserve. Our plan is simple; we want to educate everybody who want to know more about how to get their families financial future protected and then protect them. We are passionate about what we do and we are committed to help as many American families as ever possible.

We have partnered with the Industry Leaders in this industry. That gives us the right products and services that are trusted all over this country. With these products and services we can help individuals and families to have their financial futures protected as well as help them to save millions of dollars in their healthcare expenses.

We also value the time, skills, and expert opinions of our staff and customers. We are committed to providing fair and reasonable expectations for those seeking assistance. We are fully educated and trained on all of our insurance and health care products as well as our marketing tools. We aim to give the best customer service possible and welcome anyone who wishes to learn more about what we offer.

About Us

2726d25CEO & Founder – Eero Laak: Eero is a seasoned leader in the international business world. He has been living in Europe and in the USA and has worked in literally every corner of the world. He founded The Laak Group, LLC in 2009.
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Co-Founder – Matt Wood: Matt’s experience is mostly all technical computer based with roughly 10+ years in IT Support. Matt has a strong ability to troubleshoot and provide efficient marketing solutions for any business. He has also worked with companies designing their websites, working on SEO Optimization, establishing their social media marketing, and much more.
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